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For those of you who were wondering what Web-Empire’s logo is about, it is a Möbius strip (it really is; there is a third twist in the distance that you can’t see). This is a one sided object so can be said to continue forever. It is twisted itself into the symbol of infinity – the figure eight which is stretching into the distance. This shows a vision without end. It is not bounded; on the contary it loops and each pass of the loop is necessarily different so that due to time you can never touch the same spot twice.

We feel there is no reason to restrict your potential and the web offers a unique opertunity to expand and grow. The solar system is encapsulated along with the rest of the cosmos within that mobius strip.

The rainbow-ness of the strip shows that there is a spectrum of opportunities ready and waiting or maybe in need of creating.

The Web-Empire words themselves are built out of the asteriod belts and oort cloud and show the ability for web-architecture to take on a truely astronomical nature.

Primarily we consider the logo a work of informative art and it was created straight on the computer showing the beauty that is fusion of the artistic and the technological.

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