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For those who are using WordPress blogs and use plugins such as markdown or textile to make all the links and formatting appear, the new visual editor may cause a few problems. This was not in earlier versions of WordPress, but is now the default for new blogs when you set them up.

If you edit your work with markdown or in plain HTML, but happen to be in the visual editor, markup such as your links will not work, and will appear as the original markup on the blog, as if your chosen formatting plugin wasn’t installed. If you just change over to the html editor the damage is already done, so the links will still not work; and on top of that there will be all the random html tags the visual editor had put onto the text, all visible within your post. If it is only one post then copy the contents from the visual editor, change editors, delete the contents, and paste in the uncorrupted original. Now everything should work.

However if you have multiple posts you will have to go in and remove all the tags manually.

We at Web-Empire hope this is helpful. For any other problems there is always the WordPress blog and forum themselves!

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